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Welcome to our new blog dedicated to the HUD revitilization areas! Our purpose is to guide others through the process of getting areas approved by HUD as a “Revitilization” area.

Our original purpose was to help the community workers who would benefit form HUD’s “Good Neighbor Next Door” program. Under this program, a police officer/teacher/emergency medical technician or firefighter can buy a HUD Home for 50% off if the property is in a “Revitilization” area. They also can make an offer on this home prior to being open to the public for bids. You can learn more about HUD homes here: (URL GOES HERE).

Government agencies and non-profits can also obtain HUD homes in approved revitilization areas for a discount as well.

In our attempt to better our communities, we ran into many hurdles getting these areas approved. By no means are we an “expert”, but we wanted to share the information we gathered and the experiences we had to help others who want to better their communities. With public and private support, these efforts will benefit our neighborhoods and the community workers who protect them. We appreciate your visit. Feel free to ask questions or post comments on any of our posts. We’ll be checking it regularly to answer any questions our readers may have.

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Kwasi Bowie


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Kwasi has been an active Realtor in Washington State for 5 years and is currently working at John L. Scott Kent North. Kwasi is a HUD Local Listing Broker contracted through Pemco Ltd and an approved Listing Agent with Freddie Mac. He is also a certified clock hour instructor in the State of Washington and teaches classes to other real estate professionals, home buyers, and investors. Kwasi loves spending time with his family and friends. He likes to read books on leadership and business and enjoys playing sports and crossfitting.

Keane NG


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Keane has been active in the mortgage industry for 10 years and is currently a senior mortgage advisor with Cobalt Mortgage Kirkland, WA. Keane conducts regular mortgage market classes for real estate agents and first time home buyers, is an active member of the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals, and is also a blog writer for Zillow’s “Mortgages Unzipped” blog. Keane has been called to provide market and mortgage analysis for several large mortgage companies as well as major publications including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Bloomberg. He is a proud father and husband, and enjoys living, working, and recreating in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.